“These lovely ladies are genuinely amazing humans! Would recommend them to anyone wanting a home birth. They cared for me in a way I'll never forget and will always cherish! Even though I ended up having to be transported to the hospital to have my baby, they never left my side even after my baby was born. They truly are loved by family and I!”


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“From the moment my husband and I met Cassidy and Sarah, I was both at ease and excited that my fourth and final experience of having a baby would finally be everything we’d hoped for. The consistency with which I was comforted, given support and provided THE BEST care possible never faltered. I will forever be grateful for their care before, DURING, and after my sweet princess was born. I’ve never before felt love and compassion at every appointment and with every hug the way I did with Sarah and Cassidy. I will be recommending their services to everyone I encounter in similar circumstances.” - Mother of four


“Cassidy and Sarah have been an absolute delight to work with and we are eternally grateful for their wisdom and support. If you have any apprehension or anxiety about giving birth, having their guidance and knowledge as a part of your team will make a world of difference. Cannot recommend enough!” - Tania



“My baby was born in a planned hospital setting and although that is not what you would normally associate with midwifery care, I cannot recommend these two remarkable midwives enough. Due to insurance/financial constraints, it was clear early on that my first child would be born in a hospital, but by the time I was about 20 weeks along, I was aching for the nurture and support of more holistic care. I was struggling to bridge the gap between the sterile, impersonal approach of the obgyn/hospital and the support I felt I needed. I especially feared for how my family would fare when we have no relatives in town to help care for us in the immediate postpartum. That’s when I found the Homespun Midwives.
Sarah and Cassidy lovingly and completely took me and my family under their care and provided us with several prenatal visits that helped us prepare for our upcoming birth. They listened to hear and provided nurturing and practical advice with all of the issues and extra help I needed through my pregnancy, especially in the last month when I was anxious and needed reassurance. They provided an amazing childbirth class which helped my husband and I get on the same page and know what to expect. Then, they held our hands and walked with us through the birth and recovery.
I can not stress enough how powerful, supportive, and healing having these two with me was. I felt protected, held, heard and respected when they were around. I looked forward to our prenatal appointments because they felt like pregnancy therapy. I had a complicated birth with some scary moments in the hospital and Cassidy guided us through with a calm and a support that helped us feel in control, collected, and focused. Sarah came to visit us several times postpartum and provided TLC in every form - from helping with chores to holding the baby while I rested or showered, to just listening and validating my experience. I sought them out for lactation support, guidance on newborn care, questions and concerns with my healing, and plenty of emotional support.
I am humbled and forever grateful for Sarah and Cassidy for extending their practice to my family, even though we did not have a birth that is typically associated with midwifery care. They were true stakeholders, powerhouses, and invaluable care for me and my family during the arrival of our first child, a daughter who decided to join us on Thanksgiving. I can not recommend them enough for whatever path your childbearing year is taking. Without these two, I know that my birth story would not have been as healthy, positive, or filled with joy as they helped it to be.”

- Justine


“Where to begin? Sarah and Cassidy of Homespun are wonderful beyond words! And their name “Homespun” says it all- everything they do is centered around your home and what is best for you as a family and as an individual. I knew both of them individually from previous births- Cassidy from my 1st birth and Sarah from my 2nd birth. They each brought their strengths and made my 1st two births unforgettable. But once I found out they had teamed up to form this amazing midwifery service- I learned quickly, after my first visit with them, that they were going to be the best! If you have questions, fears, or doubts that home birth is right for you, you need to check out these fabulous girls first. Sarah and Cassidy will put you at ease letting you know that they will be with you every single step of the way, taking the best care of you and your baby on a direct and personal level; putting your needs and wishes at the forefront of what they do. They never forced me into a decision I didn’t want to make, but gave me all the informed consent possible and went above and beyond to help me make the best decision for myself and my baby. I feel like my family and I have formed a life long bond with these two wonderful women and what a blessing they have been to myself and my babies. Truly the best! If and when I have more babies, they will be the first ones I call :)”

- Mother of three

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“I simply can’t recommend these two ladies enough. Cassidy was my labor doula and thanks to her I had an amazing birth experience. She was loving and patient throughout my pregnancy, always there to answer every question and calm any fear - even the completely irrational fears.

Sarah has been my postpartum doula and has helped me so much in navigating our transition from a family of 3 into a family of 4. She has truly been a lifesaver for my sanity, and my family.

This duo is just simply incredible and I’m so blessedness to have them as part of my pregnancy/postpartum journey.” - Jacqueline

“Sarah is meant to be a midwife. She's competent and confident in her abilities, which always put us at ease. Sarah is bright and positive, supportive, and fun.... A truly soothing presence to have by your side during the wonderful and intense moments of pregnancy and birth. We also greatly appreciated her depth of knowledge and insight when it came to discussing natural solutions and supplements. Would choose her again in a heartbeat, and would certainly recommend her to anyone. How good it felt to deliver a healthy happy baby boy at home under her care!”

- Mother and Father of Six

"I can't even begin to tell you how sweet and amazing you have been to our family during our time together. I have loved your gentle words of encouragement and genuine enthusiasm for the major life transition we experienced together. And, I'm pretty sure I would have never made it through labor without your support (physically and emotionally!) We won't ever forget you - thank you." - Meg

“What can I say about Homespun Midwifery? Only good things!

Sarah was so awesome! We had recently moved out of Portland and needed a midwife. Due to having many children already (4 at the time) at home, we were hoping to find a midwife who would do prenatal visits at home. We emailed so many different people and nobody responded. The only one who reached back out to us was Sarah (at Homespun Midwifery). After meeting with her we knew immediately she was the one! She was nice, caring, and willing to make the drive out to us!

Sarah was so patient and caring with us and our kids. The prenatal visits went well. She made sure we were well cared for even when she was out of town one time. She spoke to us over the phone outside of our normal prenatal visits to discuss our concerns. She was there for the birth of our daughter and responded even at wee hours in the morning!

At my birth Cassidy and Megan were there too and were awesome helpers during the birth and after. They all helped to make sure I felt good and was well nourished before they left after the birth. All the post-natal visits were great too.

If/when we are expecting again we hope to have Homespun Midwifery there at our side!” -Sarah


“Our birth with Sarah Ehrlich was marked by her wisdom and her steady, solid approach to a somewhat delicate situation. I looked forward to seeing her during the prenatal appointments so much- I would often come ready to cry, overwhelmed with emotions, and would come out so empowered and uplifted, laughing. She has a great sense of humor. But she also really listens, and has the presence of a great Mama Bear, comforting and strong. The birth of our daughter Osa has been the greatest accomplishment of my life, and Sarah was there all through it, and for weeks after, always ready to offer support, time, encouragement, and her knowledge. We look back on that time with so much appreciation.” -Alyssa

“One thing I'll always appreciate is when, in one our last few pregnancy check-ups you talked about the rite of passage birth would be for both of us, Your words really stuck with me after that night and helped me wrap my head around the little life-changer that was about to arrive. I'm so glad you were a part of our birth team, you are a wonderful midwife and I'm happy for all the lucky future babies that will have you there to catch them.” - Tara

“Cassidy is a compassionate and talented doula. Her support through our birth was crucial, and I truly can’t imagine having gone through the experience without her. Having Cassidy with us felt like having a dear friend there for support but that a dear friend is also well-versed and practiced as a birth supporter!

The energy that Cassidy brings makes her such a remarkable person to work with and rely on during your birth experience. She was a great support for myself and my parter, helping us move smoothly through rocky patches but also notice and appreciate the moments of tranquility. We are honored to have Cassidy be a part of our birth story.”

- Abigail


"The only thing I would change about my experience with Cassidy Dobek, is that I wish I would have met her sooner. Cassidy is truly a doula angel! 

I met Cassidy late in my pregnancy, after frantically looking for a doula, since I was going to be delivering my fourth child alone. I was already a single mother of three dealing with some extreme life-stressors: about to be homeless, going though a legal battle, and not to mention some pregnancy issues, classifying my pregnancy high-risk. I was all alone, and she was extremely sympathetic of my situation.

Cassidy kept in constant contact with me both before and after my delivery. She supported and respected what I wanted out of my birthing experience. I really liked that while she knew that this wasn't my first experience with childbirth, she still offered her advice as though this was my first; really understanding that every pregnancy is different and every birth is uniquely special.

I believe that I would not have accomplished my first amazing experience of a non-medicated birth without her. She was so nurturing and encouraging during my painful contractions, and even stayed after delivery to make sure I was comfortable. She visited me not long after I returned home from the hospital and kept in contact, checking in on me and my new baby, really expressing her concern for our well-being.

I had communicated to her how just much it meant to me to have a non-medicated birth, as well as to have a successful breastfeeding experience. During the postpartum Cassidy has been a continual support for my nursing experience, as well as, shown to be very knowledgeable. I felt real a connection to Cassidy. I love the calm, and gentle nature about her and I truly feel her passion for not only being a doula, but also being there for and helping people in general. Cassidy has offered amazing support and has been extremely valuable. It has truly been a rewarding experience having her." - Natalie