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Midwifery care


Homespun is proud to offer flexible approaches to financing your prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. We put intention into making our fees fair for both the services we offer, as well as the financial needs of our clients. We assist our clients with private insurance reimbursement by working with a biller. While we do not accept OHP insurance, we do offer a financial hardship discount on an individual basis. Please contact the midwives for more information.

This global fee, includes the normal prenatal visit schedule, lab draws and referrals for ultrasounds. In addition to standard care, you also receive natural alternatives to support you throughout pregnancy, 24/7 phone access to a midwife for questions, concerns or emergencies, a trusted and known birth team, and up to six weeks of care for both baby and mother after birth. For more information, visit Midwifery Care to learn how our care differs from mainstream maternity care.

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Childbirth education

$300 per birthing parent and one support person. Two four-hour sessions.

For more information, visit our Childbirth Education page.

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Labor doula


A non-refundable $500 installment due upon hire and $700 due at 36 weeks pregnancy *Open to payment plans and conversation regarding special financial considerations.*

To learn more, visit our Labor Doula page.

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Postpartum doula

  • Day-time postpartum support: $35/hr with a minimum of 3 hours
  • Night-time postpartum support: $50/hr with a minimum of 3 hours

To learn more, visit our Postpartum Doula page.


placenta encapsulation


To learn more, visit our Placenta Encapsulation page.