Every mother deserves a doula!

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Doulas differ from midwives in that they do not provide medical care, and are not primary health care providers. Doulas are experts in birth and can accompany you through your birth journey, no matter where it takes place. They provide physical and emotional support and are your personal guide through the adventurous transformative journey of birth. They may suggest positions to ease pain or encourage progress, offer massage or touch, remind you of your strength and shower you with positive affirmations. We acknowledge that many of our clients are partnered, and we help facilitate the partner's engagement to the level that is comfortable for the laboring parent. Every birther is different and, each birth has its own unique journey. Your doula will support you as your story unfolds.

Whether you plan to birth under the care of a midwife or obstetrician, at home or in a hospital, a doula can be an amazing source of support for your family! Doulas educate, offer you physical support and comfort measures during labor and can assist you with breastfeeding and your transition after birth. Doula care has shown to decrease the need for pain medications in labor and to decrease the rates of cesarean birth! 

Both Cassidy and Sarah became doulas before beginning their midwifery training. They have supported families in homes, hospitals and birth centers and love assisting families through their births. They bring their knowledge of the birth process, years of experience, and gentle nurturing prescence to each client.

Labor Doula Package

  • Free 1 hr Consultation: Meet with your doula to see if she is a good fit for your vision of labor and birth.

  • Prenatal Visits: 2 prenatal appointments, with the option of a third if needed. These meetings last at least an hour and can happen at the location of your choosing - in your home, or the Homespun Midwifery office. We spend time together getting to know one another and crafting a birth plan for your family. We discuss comfort measures and strategize how to create a birth atmosphere that feels safe, supportive and empowering to you.

  • Labor & Birth: Beginning at 37 weeks, your doula will be on-call for you and will remain available 24/7 until the birth of your baby. Once your labor begins, she will be there to support you and join you for the duration of labor & birth. Homespun doulas also stay a few hours postpartum to provide breastfeeding support and ensure you are well supported and cared for.

  • Postpartum Visits: 1 postpartum visit within the first 2 weeks. Your doula can answer questions about breastfeeding and newborn care and provide community resources to you for the journey ahead. Additional visits will be $100 per 60-90 minute visit.


Our Labor Doula package is $1200. A non-refundable $500 installment due upon hire and $700 due at 36 weeks pregnancy. Please contact us to inquire about financial hardship considerations.


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