Our Philosophy of Care

We take great honor in being able to serve growing families through the incredible journey of the childbearing year. Our philosophy of care is rooted in the knowledge that pregnancy, birth and postpartum are normal life events. We form trusting relationships with our clients who are active participants in their care and who find empowerment through this experience. We are able to blend the ancient wisdom of the oldest profession – utilizing herbs, and other natural therapies, as well as being hands-off as much as possible – with the new evidence and technology of modern medicine – which allows us to detect any deviations from normal and intervene as appropriate. We tailor an experience that supports the natural physiologic childbirth process – one driven by the innate human capacity of the mother and baby while protecting their safety. 

As certified professional midwives (CPMs), licensed in the state of Oregon and Washington, we practice as autonomous healthcare providers. We work within a network of other providers who can offer consultations and collaboration as needed. People who birth under the care of midwives experience fewer birth injuries, traumas, and cesarean sections, as well as report higher satisfaction with their birth experiences. Our clients are dear to us and the relationships we form last long beyond our final six-week check-up

Prenatal Care

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Experience the nurturing care of working with a midwife through your pregnancy. We provide a relationship-based, individualized and holistic approach of midwifery. Your visits will include:

  • No-wait, hour-long visits with your midwives in our cozy office. We meet monthly until your third trimester, every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy, and weekly until your baby is born.

  • Continuity of care with your midwives throughout your care 

  • 24/7 phone access to a midwife for concerns or emergencies, and unlimited email support for non urgent questions

  • Informed choice discussions regarding testing, screening, and decisions about your care 

  • Individualized counseling related to emotional and physical health, the changes of childbearing year, and early parenting

  • In-depth nutritional counseling and suggestions for managing common symptoms of pregnancy including safe, natural alternatives

  • Assessment that your pregnancy remains in a low-risk category and that home birth is still appropriate

  • Referrals to other providers and community resources as needed

  • You are welcome to bring whoever you choose to your prenatal visits - this time is for you!

  • Online access to your client chart

  • Discounted prices on herbs and vitamins in our apothecary


Labs & Ultrasounds

Most lab work can be performed by your midwives in office. This includes:

  • Routine initial blood work

  • Genetic screening 

  • Gestational diabetes screening 

  • Group Beta Strep (GBS) screening

We order routine and higher-level ultrasounds at the imaging center or hospital of your choosing, as needed

Home Birth Services


During your prenatal visits, you will develop a personalized birth plan with your midwifery team. Once in labor, your midwives join you in your home. By laboring in your own environment one has more control and choice over who is present for this incredible transition. Being able to stay in your home, one has the opportunity to surrender to the flow of labor uninterrupted. By working with Homespun, you will receive the following care and options:

  • 24/7 on-call availability starting at 36 weeks until you go into labor

  • Birth attendance by trusted licensed midwives 

  • Midwives trained in skills that increase the safety of giving birth at home, including, but not limited to adult CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP). 

  • Monitoring of your baby’s well-being during active labor

  • Monitoring of your vitals and labor progress 

  • Tub rental and water birth options with an experienced birth team

  • We bring all of the necessary tools and equipment to your home, including, but not limited to:

    • Medications to stop bleeding

    • IV fluids and Oxygen

    • Herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies

  • Practice of limiting vaginal exams, supporting instinctive pushing, delaying cord-clamping, and honoring the importance of immediate skin-to-skin contact with baby

  • Support in keeping you well nourished and hydrated to maintain the energy demanded by labor

  • Involvement of partner, children, and other family as you desire. Choice in who catches your baby (i.e. yourself, a partner, grandparent, child!)

  • Informed choice about standard newborn procedures including the Vitamin K shot, antibiotic eye prophylaxis and Newborn Screening

  • We perform a thorough and gentle complete physical exam of your new baby before leaving your home

  • Suturing of first or second-degree tears, with local anesthetic as needed

  • Support with the initiation of feeding your baby

  • In the event of a transfer to the hospital, your midwives remain with you and continue to provide support

  • Monitoring of you and baby for two to four hours after your baby is born

  • Before we leave we will clean up the birth space, feed you a warm meal, and tuck you into a clean bed before you sink into a well-deserved nap

  • Filing of newborn birth certificate with the state

We honor how sacred this journey can be and do our best to hold space for this joyous moment allowing it to unfold organically in your space. We strive to be patient, gentle and respectful, relying on our intellect, observation, and intuition rather than fear or coercion to dictate our care.

Postpartum Care for Mama

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Home visits provided by your midwives at 1 day, 3 days, and 1 week postpartum. Visits will resume in office for 2 week, 4 week, and 6 week postpartum visits.

  • Monitoring of normal bleeding and physical recovery in the postpartum period

  • Lactation support, if needed

  • Monitoring of emotional well-being

  • Referrals to parent support groups, counselors and social workers, as needed

  • Herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies

  • Counseling on contraception and family planning

  • Pap test at the final visit, if needed

Well-Baby Care


We honor babies physical and emotional well-being and do our best to support their transition into your family. After your baby is born, your midwives will visit you at home at 24 hours, three days and one week. You will return to our clinic for your 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week postpartum.

  • Continued monitoring of vitals and assessment for jaundice

  • Newborn Screening at 24-hours and two weeks 

  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect screening (CCHD) performed with pulse oximeter at 24 hours

  • Breastfeeding support and monitoring baby's weight

  • Review newborn care and development

  • Information and counseling about vaccinations

  • Referrals to appropriate health care professionals as necessary